Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Working behind the scenes

As I try to stay warm by the fire, I look at the calendar to see how much of the year has passed without a spade of dirt being turned due to the saturated ground. NOTHING IS GETTING DONE.

Then I make my daily trip to the composting bin and I'm reminded that millions of micro-organisms are hard at work turning our yard refuse and kitchen waste into a rich soil additive.

I made the bin about six months ago out of concrete blocks. The boards on the front are removable. I slide out the lower ones to get at the rich, dark compost at the bottom of the pile.

I'll use the compost in some raised beds I'm planning. I wish I had enough to mix with all the clay-based topsoil, but good compost is like gold. I'll have to use it judiciously.

BLOG NOTE: My blog advisors say that I'm evidently getting page views from people that don't know me, so I should add my picture instead of Willie's, my boxer. So I did, but I borrowed Willie's hat.


  1. And all along I thought were telling your story to Willie.

  2. Now I know exactly where I get my "nothing is getting done so I feel useless" trait. Too bad I don't have a compost pile...just piles of laundry and dirty dishes, which do seem to grow but that's not necessarily a good thing.

    Nice addition of your pic!