Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting the dirt on my dirt

Today I took a sample of the dirt where my garden/berry patch/orchard is planned to the Blount County Farmers' Co-op. I should have the test results back in a couple of weeks. The test costs $8.

I carefully followed the dirt gathering instructions which included digging down 6 inches and getting samples from a dozen different spots. The samples were mixed together in a kind of a dirt soup and then I put them in a plastic bag, a dirt bag if you will.

I took dirt for granted before I moved to Deerfield, but dirt has different properties. There's good dirt and bad dirt. I'm hoping mine is good or at least tolerable because it takes some doing to turn bad dirt into good.

Here's a Miracle-Gro toast to good dirt.

WEATHER NOTE: The weather forecast today was for a high of 60 degrees. I checked my weather station thermometer all afternoon, but it only made it up to 59.

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