Saturday, January 10, 2009

Walnut-harvesting tools

In an effort to keep this blog halfway readable during this time of cold, nasty weather when I can't get outside, I'm reverting to show-and-tell.

In the photo above you can see some of my somewhat unorthodox walnut-harvesting tools. Starting at left is what is commonly referred to as a "doggie pooper-scooper." I put stiffer springs on this one and it is the perfect walnut picker-upper, saving my back from torture. (For those who have partaken of my walnuts, this scooper was purchased new and has never been used for the purpose it was intended.)

In the middle is a contraption I made to husk the walnut. You simply place a green walnut on top of the appropriate hole and drive the walnut through the hole with a rubber mallet. The outer husk (not the shell) comes off cleanly and the walnut drops to the floor. For anyone who wants to make one, the most used hole is 1.25 inches. The 1.5-inch and 1-inch holes are used only occasionally.

The anvil is where I crack the walnuts with a hammer. I have carted this vise around the country faithfully for 52 years after receiving it on my 10th birthday. The vise mechanism is worn out and doesn't work anymore, but it's walnut-cracking potential remains endless.

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