Friday, January 16, 2009

Robin phenomana

On Thursday the bright sunshine and threat of single digit temps brought out the robin show we had seen only once before in Southern Indiana.

Robins by the hundreds filled our woods both in the trees and on the ground. They seemed to be agitated and nervous. They would flit from tree to ground and back to tree, rarely staying put more than a few seconds. An occasional fight would break out. The only interesting information I could glean from our bird book is that the American robin in a non-migratory bird in Tennessee.

I came up with two scenarios:

(1) Local robins were grumbling: "This is not what we signed up for. Let's pack it in and head for Florida right now."

(2) Yankee robins who had migrated to Tennessee were confrontational: "Who's the bird brain who decided to stop in East Tennessee? We can get all we want of this weather in Michigan."

Today the robins have disappeared in their vast numbers. The woods are quiet once again. Perhaps the next time we see the grand flocks of robins it will be early spring.

Can anyone out there tell me what the robin show was all about? Get back to me before spring.

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