Thursday, January 8, 2009

For the birds

With the ground saturated there's not much that can be done outside, so I spend my time fooling with the birds. You might notice the birdhouse resembles our house (upper right photo of blog.) The birdhouse was my Christmas present to Betty, big spender that I am.

For the record, the bird at left is a white-breasted nuthatch; the two yellow birds in the middle are American goldfinches; and the bird at right is a black-capped chickadee. The are 119 species of birds native to Tennessee. We hope to visit with all eventually.

Bringing birds to the property is always a too-edged sword. They will also come in the growing season and have their way with my berries. My wish is that there will be enough for all.

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  1. Welcome to Blount County and the Blogosphere. :)