Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are ashes good or bad?

My research for the day is an attempt to answer the question of whether or not to put ashes from a wood stove on a garden plot. I've heard both positive and negative comments. You can easily spend a full day researching the question on the Internet. Here are my conclusions drawn from a dozen or so Internet posts:

* A small amount of wood ashes properly scattered will usually help the soil, especially if the soil is overly acidic. Large and concentrated amounts should be avoided.

* Never use ashes from wood that has been chemically treated or painted.

* Do not use on soil intended for blueberries or potatoes.

* Ashes from hardwood trees integrates into the soil more easily because it usually burns hotter and results in smaller particulates.

* Use ashes in a compost pile in small quantities, perhaps only one small bucket each 12 months.

So, I will scatter my ashes accordingly.

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