Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Never lonely in Deerfield

Visitors come every day to Deerfield, but mostly they are of the feather and fur variety.

At left is the renowned Pileated Woodpecker that grows to a length of 19 inches. Soaring through the woods to land in a dead tree, the woodpecker seems almost as large as a hawk or a crow. Last spring I watched a male and female playing house in the top a tall dead tree in back of the house.

I had to use my 300mm lens to get even this close to Mr. Woodpecker. They don't like being spied on.

In addition to all manner of feathered friends, we have deer, turkey, raccoons, possum, groundhogs, a ton of turtles and a squandering of squirrels. I'm sure if all the local wildlife knew of the orchard, berry patch and food garden I am planning they would be licking their chops. I'm halfway expecting the deer to leave me a request for what they wish me to plant.

I should restate my opening sentence. Perhaps we are merely the visitors and the wildlife are the bona fide inhabitants. I need to remember that.

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