Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The rewards of patience: $33

Patience is a commodity I've never enjoyed. My modus operandi normally is see, get and go.

This gardening thing I'm doing may be having some positive effect on my psyche. Take the galvanized watering can in the photo above. We needed one on the lower level of our property, so on my last trip to the garden store I grabbed one and headed for the cash register. I almost accidentally looked at the price on the bottom of the can. It was $40? That's forty dollars! I turned around and put the can back on the shelf. My plants didn't need watering that bad. I told Betty of my non-purchase.

Several days later she came back from Big Lots with what looks to be the exact same watering can. It was $7. That's seven dollars!

I figure I'm $33 ahead. Maybe more than that.

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