Monday, May 4, 2009

Rescue day at Deerfield

First, neighbor Larry found this small bird hopping along Deerfield Drive, unable to fly. He brought it up to our house since we are sans cats. Two parrots reside at Larry's house so he's partial to birds. We couldn't find that the bird was injured so we put him on a level fence rail. I kept an eye on it for about half an hour, and then it was gone. Larry and I couldn't identify the bird, but Betty later got our her books and pegged it as a female Downy woodpecker.

Later in the day, another neighbor called to say the family's beloved Shetland pony had gotten out. We quickly got it corralled and the fence patched up.

Now, it's raining in torrents on top of the almost three inches we have had in the last two days. So I may be next in line to be rescued.

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