Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The tail of the hawk

While we were away from Deerfield for 10 days, neighbor Larry kept up the wildlife watch and snapped this nice photo of a beautiful red-tailed hawk in his back yard. (I checked with News-Sentinel columnist Sam Venable, hawk aficionado, to make sure the identification was correct.)

Larry said the hawk was quite nonchalant as he walked up to it the take its picture, preferring to scan the fields for a four-legged lunch rather than pay attention to anything on just two legs.

A red-tailed hawk measures around 25 inches long, not too much smaller than a bald eagle which is around 30 inches.

Hawks are plentiful in Deerfield, probably because field mice are so plentiful. The mice keep gnawing on the electrical system on my tractor so I wish the hawks happy hunting.

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