Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cross off the bok choy from the menu

Forty eight hours ago I had the prettiest bok choy (Chinese cabbage) you could imagine. The plants stood about 10 inches tall with dark green tops and the snowy white underbelly.

While the beets, turnips and spinach are bug-riddled and dying, I reasoned that the redneck bugs in Deerfield didn't have a taste for anything Chinese.

This morning I went out to harvest the plants to find them all stripped bare of their leaves. There were no deer prints, so it had to be rabbits. I have chicken wire around the bottom of the garden fence, but apparently this didn't stop the hares.

If my first garden is any indication of my horticultural skills, it's a good thing I'm not a subsistence farmer. I would starve for sure.

The only hope now is for the broccoli.

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