Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mother Earth News revisited

I recently had a massive library clean out of books and other items that filled 15 large boxes. One of the boxes held my collection of Mother Earth News magazines from the mid-70s. I was a fan of the magazine when it first started publishing.

The monthly publication started out as a subscription-only back-to-the-land magazine for hippy-types and then drifted a little more to the middle of the road. You could find articles ranging from chicken raising to building a composting barrel to solar heating.

It’s a slick publication now found on supermarket newsstands bearing little resemblance to its first issues.

I’m not sure what first appealed to me about Mother Earth News. Was I a hippy in hiding even though I never owned a tie-dyed shirt and I certainly couldn’t grow long hair?

I guess some part of me always knew I wanted to get back to the land. Here I am, Mother Earth.

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