Thursday, July 16, 2009

The de-tailing of a skink

“Eeeek! A lizard.”

That’s a cry heard many times by visitors to Deerfield, but what they actually are seeing is a “skink.” Technically, a skink is a type of lizard, but they have no definable neck and short legs. Lizards run on their legs solely. Skinks slither like a snake more than they use their legs.

Skinks are good to have around because they eat all manner of insects and don’t bother the plants.

Our Boston terrier, Nelly, is an inveterate skink hunter. She can watch them for hours from behind the screen door on the back porch. She pounces on one every chance she gets.

There are several skinks running around here without tails, but, not to worry. Skinks can re-generate their tails. Not a bad skill to have in the 21st Century.

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