Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reality bites

I've spent the past few days preparing our front and side yard for reseeding -- again. This makes the fourth or fifth time I've tried to establish a lawn at various points around the house. I've tried sodding and several different types of grass seed -- creeping red fescue, Kentucky 31, rye. The only grass I've gotten to come to a good stand is in the fenced-in back yard around some flag stones I laid (photo).

All of which begs the question: Why do I think I can grow fruit trees, berries and a food garden if I can't even get grass to grow?

Another does of reality came calling yesterday. A neighbor who has forgotten more about gardens than I will ever know says that it takes at least three years to turn woodland into a proper garden site. He says the dense roots and compacted soil need at least two years and several turnings to become productive.

I'm going to UT Extension seminar in two weeks to learn as much as I can about gardens and landscaping. Time, don't fail me now.

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