Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Natural fertilizer

On the day before the big snow I did get something done that should help in garden preparation. My late father-in-law always said the best source of organic matter to add to a garden is chopped-up leaves from the lawn.

I don't have much of a lawn, so I'm sure Deerfield residents were surprised to see me mowing the woods in front of the house in the dead of winter with the leaf-catcher attached. In less than two hours I was able to fill the cart more than a dozen times with chopped-up leaves.

I spread the leaves evenly over the garden spot. If I can do this a couple of more times before I plow the ground, I should have a better soil. My soil test is not back yet from the lab, but I'm sure it will call for more organic matter.

The snow pack will help the leaves decompose. I can feel that earth bubbling already.

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