Thursday, February 26, 2009

Danger: Falling vines

I've mentioned how large the grape and honeysuckle vines are on our property. While I was preparing the yard for seeding yesterday, a dead honeysuckle vine fell out of a nearby tree and came close to clobbering me. I placed a brick to give you perspective of the size of the vine. (Photo appears to be a little out of focus. The blog's staff photographer needs to wear his glasses when he shoots.)

These vines will eventually kill a tree by robbing it of its nutrients. I cut them with my ax, Woodman's Tool or chain saw any chance I get.

UPDATE ON YESTERDAY'S POST: The weather reports continue to say we will have rain Friday through Sunday with possible snow on Sunday. Two days of rain and then a snow would do wonders for my 300 pounds of grass seed.

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