Thursday, April 16, 2009

The bleeding heart that keeps on beating

The first time I saw the bleeding heart plant it was poking its head up through a pile of cedar shakes that the roofers had thrown on it at the side of the garage. This was in 2006. I knew it would not survive the roofers, so I moved it to a back corner of the house. It lost its bloom and I thought it would soon die.

The next spring it bloomed in its new spot, but I had planted it in a bad location. Even though I piled rocks around it, I kept hitting it with the water hose. I sheared it off at the ground with a jerk of the hose one day, but I decided to take another chance and move it to the corner of the patio. In 2008 it didn't bloom, so I forgot about it -- until a few days ago.

To my surprise it is thriving at the corner of the patio. I'm going to give it a break and not move it this year. It just hope my old ticker is dependable as this plant.

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