Thursday, April 9, 2009

Anemic pears; God bless the auger

I gave the Bartlett pear trees a good dose of iron sulfate at the suggestion of Gabe, my nursery guru. I hope this shot of iron brings their droopy leaves back to life, but at 62 I'm beginning to know the droopy feeling. Pass the Geritol, please.

When I dug the 18 holes for the trellis posts, it took me about 7 hours over two back-breaking days. I had nightmares (not to mention back spasms) of dark holes caving in on me. Today, my neighbor with the tractor-powered auger came over and drilled the 21 holes for my garden fence in about 45 minutes. On the northeast corner of the garden we hit heavy clay which would have made hand digging even more miserable. If the garden doesn't work out, I can always try pottery.

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