Saturday, August 22, 2009

If the glove fits . . .

I started my garden fence project with a $12 pair of good quality leather gloves. As you can see, they are much worse for the wear. I will probably have to retire them soon to keep from getting blisters.

I look at the heavy gloves and think back to my grandfather's standard pair of brown cotton jersey work gloves. He only wore them for fencing and occasionally in the winter if the temperature got in the teens. A 25 cent (1955 prices) pair of gloves seemed to last him for years. After a day of handling barbed wire the gloves would be shredded, but good for another fence job, and then another. When the threads would barely hold together, the gloves would be thrown in the tractor tool box to wipe the dipstick when checking the oil.

Is barbed wire sharper in the 21st Century? I think not.

Only 2 pounds dropped in the fifth week, so I'm down to 196. I will blame the meager weight loss on lack of exercise due to the rainy week, but I also was guilty of a few late night snacks. I'm down a total of 28 pounds with 6 more pounds to go in three weeks. Should be able to make it if I stay away from the fridge after 10 p.m.

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