Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Calculations for the fall garden

Picking the date to plant a fall garden is a little more dicey than planting your spring garden. The first thing you must do is arrive at your average first killing frost date. A killing frost is when the temperature reaches 28 degrees over night. There's a handy site at the National Climate Data Center that gives this date for most municipalities in the country.

My date is November 12. Counting back 12 weeks from that date -- Aug. 20 -- is when fall garden seeds should be sown. I jumped the gun a little and sowed most of mine on Aug. 15. The accompanying photo shows where I broadcast seeds for mixed greens (turnips, mustard, kale). I was pleasantly surprised the seeds germinated to that extent in just five days. We have had several good rains and the temperatures have been bearable for the young sprouts. The lettuce, beets and radish seeds also have germinated.

Salad, anyone?

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