Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Extension cords gave me quite a shock

I keep 200 feet of extension cords rolled up on an old contraption I made at least 30 years ago. I don't use the cords much so I keep it in the red barn by the garden.

Today I was doing some work on the lower garden, so I hauled out the cords to run them up to the house. While I was taking the contraption out of the barn, a snake poked its head out of one of the holes on the side.

I jumped back. Maybe not a world's record long jump but a fair distance considering I was going backwards. Mr. Snake retreated inside the drum.

I beat on the outside of the drum to try to get him to come out, but it refused. I started taking the apparatus a part, and about that time the slithering started. What I thought was a small snake turned out to be about a five-footer.

If something is not a water moccasin or a copperhead, I call it a chicken snake. I assume that's what it was. It slithered away in the grass. I started to whack it for giving me such a fright, but our field mice population has been a little boisterous this summer, so I let it glide away.

Don't worry. I'm retiring the extension cord holder. It's in tiny pieces now.


  1. yikes! remind me never to go in that little red barn!

  2. Mom won't be electrifying anything outside the house I'm sure.