Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh, my aching trellis

My master plan calls for three 64-feet rows of wire trellis for my brambles and grapes. That means sinking 18 posts in the ground with concrete. I laid out all 18 posts and managed to dig six and pour concrete before my back gave out.

My neighbor has an auger on his tractor and has offered to dig the post holes for me, but I was anxious to get started so I used my manual post-hole digger. After two hours of digging, I'm not so anxious now. I'll save the remaining 12 holes for my neighbor and his tractor.

When finished with the three rows of trellis, I will have room for:

* 8 thornless blackberry
* 8 red raspberry
* 4 muscadine
* 4 Concord grape

Once again, the photo is not too striking, but six months ago there was a solid wall of trees and undergrowth where the camera is looking.

RECYCLING NOTE: My gardening books say to use a vinyl coated wire for the trellis. When the cable company was trying to figure out what was wrong with our broadband, they tore out about 200 feet of co-axial cable. I saved it and that's what I will string between the posts.

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  1. I think you should name the jelly, jam and pies that come from this hill, Wireless Berries. Or, maybe, Cable Berries or Broadband Berries. When you harvest you can say you're downloading your berries. Hopefully the birds will not upload your berries. Perhaps you'll grow bytes and bytes of berries. Ok, I'm done being punny now! ;-)