Friday, March 20, 2009

The fruit trees are in the ground

After all the preparation and buildup, I finally put the shovel in the ground and planted six fruit trees on the north-facing slope above what will be the garden. Two each of:

* Macintosh apple
* Bartlett pear
* Early Richmond cherry

The surrounding land in the photo looks a little disheveled, but keep in mind just six months ago this was woods so thick you couldn't walk through it without a machete.

The composition of the dirt was a pleasant surprise. It was more loam than clay and had a nice texture. I added a little organic compost but it probably wasn't necessary.

I have on order some garlic clips to put on the trees to try to keep the deer away. I'll also spray the logs I placed around the trees with Liquid Fence. My hope is that grass is so plentiful this spring that the deer with graze elsewhere.

Tomorrow: Building wire supports for the brambles and grapes.

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