Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brambles, blueberries and grapes planted

We're getting serious now, folks.

Just finished planting:

* (8) Ouchita thornless blackberries
* (8) Red damron raspberries
* (4) Carlos muscadines
* (3) Concord seedless grapes
* (1) Jumbo bunch grape
* (7) Rabbiteye blueberries (4 Powderblue, 3 Tifblue)

The brambles and grapes will reside on 200 feet of trellis.

Most of the planting was done in a soaking rain. Should be a good time to get plants in the ground. We are in for three more days of rain.

Photo above is of a raspberry plant. If all goes as planned, next year we'll harvest several gallons of berries from this puny little thing.

I asked Gabe, my preceptor at the nursery, if there were any tricks I should know about planting brambles. He said: "Just stick 'em in the ground. Anybody can grow brambles."

We shall see, Gabe. We shall see.

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