Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trumpet vine may have sounded its last note

As you come up our driveway and just before you round the curve to go up the switchback to our house, there sits our small red barn and a large trumpet vine intertwined around a cedar tree stump and what once was a large birdhouse.

I assume the previous owners of the property had built the birdhouse on the stump. As trumpet vines go, it's one of the largest ones I've seen with the base measuring about 2-inches in diameter. The flowers (small photo from summer ) are numerous and bright.

As you can see, the cedar stump has rotted away and the birdhouse is in shambles. As soon as the snow melts (maybe about May 15), I'm going to get rid of the stump and the birdhouse. I'll try to save the trumpet vine but it may have tooted its last note.

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  1. Mr. Vince.
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    Sucess for you.