Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hibernating -- duplex style

Hibernating bugs are not uncommon, but it's rare to see two types packing it in for winter in so close a proximity.

Neighbor Larry has a massive woodshed and the cold weather in Deerfield has him foraging deep into the inside of the shed. He found a stick of wood with these two types of bugs covering it. He snapped this photo for me.

The bugs on the left are ladybugs, obviously, but it took a little research on the Internet and in my bug book to find that the species on the right is a boxelder bug. (I know, as soon as I identify something on this blog there will be a dozen entomologists telling me I'm wrong.) So, until I'm chastised, I'm calling it a boxelder bug.

The boxelder bug is also known as the maple bug. It's like the ladybug in that it really doesn't do any harm. It can be a nuisance in the summer trying to get in the house, but in the winter it lays low and just tries to keep from freezing -- just like the rest of us in Deerfield.


  1. Being housebound from the snow, I needed a little pick-me-up. I can count on you, Vince.

  2. Interesting photo to see boxelder and ladybugs together...the ladybugs gathered look like a variety of type(Japanese and regular)