Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A cacophony of green black walnuts

Things are quiet in the country unless you have a metal roof with a black walnut tree nearby.

Visitors sitting on our front porch jump out of their rocking chairs when a slight breeze drops a green walnut or two on the metal roof of our garage. It can sound like a pistol being fired or at least a pot hitting a tile floor.

If this season's premature walnut blitzkrieg is any indication, we are in for a good black walnut season. Last year's was the best in recent memory of the old timers. I gave away more than 100 pounds (husked but not shelled.)

I picked up the two dozen or so walnuts in the photo in just one pass around the garage. That's just from one tree. We have about 25 mature walnut trees on our property.

If I offer any of you black walnuts this fall, don't even asked if they are shelled. You know the answer.

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