Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh . . . well

It started out innocently.

In my May 18 post I told about an above-ground and freeze-proof water faucet that I installed down on the lower level near the garden and berry patch. It worked fine, but I started worrying that I would hit it with the tractor or someone turning around before making the switch-back up to our house would do the same.

I thought about making a wooden box to go around it, even toying with the idea of making it look like an outhouse. Nothing seemed to fit until I extrapolated that water actually comes from a well and so what I needed was a rustic stone well with a cedar roof.

Three tons of rock later, I have my well. It's my first masonry job and looks halfway professional. You really can't screw up stacked rock because it is uneven by nature. I hope to plant some ivy and other climbing vines around the base. The handle and rope mechanism actually work, but it's all for show of course.

And so we have our wishing well. Betty is wishing I wouldn't come up with such projects, but, remember, it could have been an outhouse.

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