Sunday, November 15, 2009

Inside wood storage that works well

One of the things we liked about our Deerfield home when we bought it was all of the little cubbyholes and built-ins spotted throughout the house.

One interesting feature was storage for firewood near the stove in the breakfast room. It was handy to keep a few logs right across from the stove. The only problem was that our Boston terrier, Nelly, never met a log she didn't like to chew on. She would leave a path of bark and splinters throughout the house. Also, the storage spot always looked messy after a load of firewood was used.

I solved the problem by building what is actually a large drawer for the firewood. The drawer is 27 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 19 inches tall. It has a front on it that matches the arch in the wood box. I used heavy duty drawer ball-bearing drawer slides.

I bring in the wood in a heavy canvas wood carrier that we bought on a trip to Amish Country in Ohio. The carrier fits nicely into the drawer which rolls out easily with a full load of wood.

Nelly is the only member of the household that doesn't appreciate our new contraption.

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