Saturday, October 10, 2009

We hope to see green and not red in a month

I will take a photo from this same vantage point in about a month, and I hope you will see green grass instead of red dirt.

My big project for the week was planting 150 pounds of grass seed on almost 1.5 acres of bare ground. I think I prepared the soil adequately by plowing, tilling and then rolling after the seed was planted. I used a seed call "contractor's mix" which is several types of fescue. It's a good seed to plant in fall since it germinates quickly. We have five weeks until the average date of our first hard freeze, so that should give the seed time to get established.

We received a half inch of rain several hours after I sowed the seed, so maybe I hit the timing right for once. Because I rolled the tilled soil with a 300-pound soil compactor, I don't think the seed washed on me.

We'll know for sure in about a month.

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