Monday, November 1, 2010

First loaf of persimmon bread

B rose to the call and baked our first loaf of persimmon bread. It's much like pumpkin bread, but to my taste, is a little more tart. I can eat persimmon puree with a spoon. I would never attempt that with pumpkin-bread makings.

I'll have at least one more good harvest of persimmons to fill our freezer for the winter.

(Food styling for photos is an art. My attempt was meager, but an attempt nonetheless.)


  1. Food styling is as good as those in "Real Simple" magazine, which is one of my favs for pretty pictures. Bread looks good enough to bring some Sunday morning for sharing.

  2. I have never had persimmons before - save some for x-mas!!

  3. My only experience with persimmons was when I was 6 and my big brother talked into to trying one off the tree....It was not ripe... Need I say more????
    Have not a had a real desire for them since.