Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Famous pumpkin is vandalized

Readers of the blog will remember the mystery vine that appeared in the summer and then grew into a nice fat pumpkin. The big green ball turned into granddaughter Keaton's "punkin" and its story made it onto our church's Advent calendar. We have had the pumpkin on the front porch since early December.

The raccoons are apparently back because they dug into the still-healthy pumpkin last night just like they did with all of our Halloween pumpkins. Apparently 'coons like pumpkin seeds. They also managed to ravage all of our bird feeders.

We don't mind co-habitating with 'coons at Deerfield, after all, they were here first; but they need to be less destructive.

'COON WARNING: I still have my live trap in the garage.

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